Nano Objs (India) Pvt. Ltd, Kakinada
Nano Objs (India) Pvt. Ltd
Contact Person
Burre Ramudu
D.No:5-147/3, 5th Block, Vakalapudi, Kakinada - 05
Santosh Nagar
Opening hours
9:00 a.m. To 6:00 p.m.
Nano Objs team will ensure a smooth implementation to ensure any IDM/Access management initiatives in Federal or Commercial space.
Identity Management Solutions: Highly qualified team of 'Nano Objs' has multiple years of implementation of Identity Management Solutions to various federal and commercial clients.
Vendor Agnostic team of 'Nano Objs' implements IdM Solutions of any Vendor including Oracle, CA, Sail Point, Ping Identity and Open Source Solutions.
Access Management and Access Control Solutions: The team 'Nano Objs' has extensive experience in meeting the client's authentication, and access management solutions that includes multi factor authentication, smart card authentication, and adaptive access management.
Directory Services: Experienced team of 'Nano Objs' architect, design, and implement various Directory Services needs of any enterprise that has one or more of Active Directory, Oracle Directory Stack (OID, OVD, OUD, and ODSEE), CA Directory, Red Hat Directory, Open LDAP etc.
Security Systems Integration: Architects, designs, and implement 'end to end' solutions for integration of various security systems
PKI Infrastructure: Team 'Nano Objs' has extensive knowledge and expertise in implementing PKI solutions .
Information Assurance Services: Many members of Nano Objects Team are either Certified Information Security Professionals (CISSP) or pursuing the certifications, and are well versed with standards like FIPS-201-1, HSPD12, HIPPA, SOX compliance and standards.
Transport Layer Security Services: Team Nano Objs has expertise in Transport Layer Security Services, are well versed with networking protocols including SIP, TLS, RTP, DIAMETER, CAMEL, MTP2 and ISDN.
On Time Delivery: The Diversified Team of various knowledgeable and cleared resources will implement quality IDM solutions on time.
Distance from
Rail : 3.75 km, Bus : 4.29 km
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