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Maharshi Study Circle, Kakinada
Maharshi Study Circle
Competitive / Police / Bank / SSC / RRB
Contact Person
V Ramesh Chandra
Beside Udipi Radhakrishna Residency, Near Bridge Down , Bhanugudi Junction, Kakinada - 03
Opp: Anand Theater Complex
Opening hours
6:30 a.m. To 9:00 p.m.
Maharshi Study Circle has been founded in 2012 by Arithmetic & Reasoning Legend V Ramesh Chandra.
Our Aim is to make entrance examinations a cakewalk for the students who are seen running from pillar to post in search of good guidance and to create a global education.
We desire to make competitive entrance exam preparation guidance affordable for those students who have loads of talent but remain deprived of quality Maharshi study Circle material due to high cost.
We offer world-class scientific and comprehensive preparation services for various competitive examinations.
The faculty of Maharshi Study Circle is consisted of experienced Facilatators, competent administrators and dedicated researchers.
In fact, the essence of the functioning of the Maharshi Study Circle is the amicable atmosphere it provides, in which the students are groomed by a committed, imaginative and gifted core faculty.
What distinguishes Maharshi Study Circle from other coaching institutes is its Goal-oriented approach.
Sunday Also available.
Timings: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Distance from
Rail : 0.37 km, Bus : 0.42 km
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